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2018 IS HERE!!! I sit here on my computer reflecting on my business….

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2018 IS HERE!!!     I sit here on my computer reflecting on my business.   How far I have come in the last (5) years or so.   As some of you know, I have been in this local market for the last (18) years and only in the last (5) that I have really have been a full-fledged “entrepreneur”.

Five years ago, the JR Link was born not out of necessity but from friends coming to me and nudging me to start my own business since I have gotten to know so many business people due to my involvements in most of the local Chambers of Commerce.

So, I took on the challenge and started my entrepreneurial life.   The JR Link was born.   The business model was one of being a boutique marketing agency, where I would render marketing services to small business that did not have the budget or personnel to have a marketing department.   I did well with it, can’t complain.

Three years ago, I was approached by a longtime business friend, that at the time, represented one of the largest Email Marketing in the country, Constant Contact.   After much personal deliberation, I decided to join their ranks as an Independent Contractor, with a title of “Certified Solution Provider”.   The JR Link became The JR Solutions with the same business model as before but with a different focus in the marketplace.

I now act as spokesperson and trainer for Constant Contact, giving public speeches/presentations on their platform and whenever needed, training new subscribers as they become acquainted with the platform.

Throughout the last (3) years, I have been in front of more than 3,600 people.   You may not think that’s a lot but when you consider that I have done this (3) to (4) times per month, each month, it adds up rather quickly and keeps me very busy.

My focus in 2018 is to grow my business even to a larger audience by different means that are still in the planning stages (more to come in future blogs)

For now, just know that I am very grateful to all that have attended my seminars and have become my clients and some of you have become friends as well.

I am looking forward to keep rendering the same level of service as well as bringing other Social Media components that will enhance your Email Marketing experience.

So, thank you for a fantastic 2017 and may 2018 bring us all new experiences, allowing us to grow as business people as well as getting stronger collectively.   And don’t forget, pay-it-forward whenever possible, not only to those in need but also to our four-legged friends that need a home and some TLC.

John R. Ramos, “Your Business Connector”


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