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Do you want to boost your business? – Why Email Marketing – Part 4 of 6

Do you want to boost your business? – Why Email Marketing – Part 4 of 6
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The strategic targeting benefits of email marketing leads to higher engagement since the email

campaign is targeted to consumers who are interested in your products or services.   The email

industry’s focus of opt-in, targeted lists and list segmentation leads to higher engagement

among consumers who have already been qualified or specified an interest in your product.

Promotions and special offers help increase opens and click-throughs as well sales as

audiences are sure to engage with the email and promotion.   Statistics show that there is a $44 average

return for every $1 invested in email marketing.



Our service and commitment to excellence means that not only will you see vast improvements, but you will have the benefit of utilizing our ongoing support and services to further enhance your Digital footprint.

We offer a very comprehensive analysis of Email Marketing, Web Designs, SEO & Internet Campaigns, E-Commerce Development, Social Media Marketing, and Design Brand.

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The JR Solutions offers an integrated enterprise of solutions with a focus on the development of internet projects and high-quality advertising campaigns.

We are a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider, specializing in helping with brand awareness.

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